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Red Curtain

Anthology TV series (in development)


It did not end in 1991. A curtain runs through the mysterious territories known as the former Soviet Union — literal twilight zones caught between East and West, ancient and new, the dark shadowy past and the desire for a free and high-tech future. And you never know which side you’re on.


Recalling Master and Margarita just as much as it does Black Mirror, each Red Curtain episode is a thrilling mystery set in one of these post-soviet cities — in Russia, Georgia, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, etc. — where modern-day reality touches myth, history, and even the supernatural on what seems like a regular basis. Each story draws from its location’s unique folklore, steeped naturally in a mixture of mystery, fantasy, and sometimes even horror, to present a fable of modern-day life at its most fascinating and unpredictable. Because that’s how life is behind the Red Curtain. 

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