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Feature Documentary

World Premiere: TIFF 2019 

TIFF People's Choice Documentary Award (first runner-up)

Doc NYC Audience Award (winner)

AFI Fest Audience Award (winner, of all features)

Palm Springs IFF Best of Fest

On Easter 2018, a man put on a backpack and went live on Facebook to announce that he was beginning a walk across Armenia. His mission: to inspire a velvet revolution — and topple the corrupt regime that enjoys absolute power in his post-soviet nation. With total access to key players on all sides, I Am Not Alone tells the miraculous true story of what happens in the next 40 days.


Garin Hovannisian’s gripping documentary deftly follows the efforts led by journalist, politician, and activist Nikol Pashinyan to prevent the election of the country’s president, Serzh Sargsyan, as the new prime minister — a move that would essentially put Sargsyan in control of Armenia for life, making him a de facto dictator.

The movement begins hopelessly, with Nikol and just a handful of supporters — including a stray dog — setting out on a 14-day march from one side of the country to the capital Yerevan. As they clash against the regime, there are many moments when their efforts seem doomed to fail, like every democratic movement in Armenia before them. But this time something is different. Step by step, the marchers begin to capture the hearts and minds of the Armenian public. Within a few weeks, the country erupts in a spectacular revolution, as millions of citizens take to the streets, disperse across their neighborhoods, and stage some of the most creative, powerful, and surprising acts of civil disobedience in modern history. 

This mind-blowing political drama presents an emotional and inspiring roadmap for how a true democratic movement can achieve profound change against all odds. It is packed with rich and memorable characters, plot twists, and a true hero’s journey.


Reviews & Interviews:


The Hollywood Reporter: "I Am Not Alone is an inspiring portrait of democratic self-determination. Through its lens we witness the awakening of the "sleeping volcano" that Sargsyan warns Parliament about, just days before his government will be dismantled. But it's not so much an explosion as the lifting of a national depression, a shaking off of doubt and despair."

VICE: "I Am Not Alone is masterfully told; its joyous storytelling, brisk pacing, and dramatic tension implore audiences to share in the victory of Pashinyan and his country. The documentary serves as a hopeful reminder that political change is possible in a time where that message is desperately needed."

Hammer To Nail: "The magnificent I Am Not Alone is a call to action to all of us, for none of us are alone when we stick together. It’s a comforting thought in these perilous times.”

Thom Powers, head programmer of TIFF Docs: "This galvanizing chronicle of the 2018 Armenian revolution combines gripping front-line reportage with new interviews that describe incidents the cameras could not capture. Hugely informative, briskly paced, and offering a laudable balance of perspectives, I Am Not Alone is a feat of nonfiction storytelling and a must-see for anyone eager to make sense of recent history."

NONFICS: "I Am Not Alone feels remarkably cohesive...On the strength of Pashinyan’s personality alone, the film would be a compelling watch, but thanks to its impressively detailed outlining of how one man riled an entire nation into revolution over the course of just a few weeks, Hovannisian’s doc (a runner-up for the People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival) is one of narrative skill, historical import and hopeful pride for the future of his country."

Collider: "If Hollywood released a movie using the events that actually happened in I Am Not Alone, the audience would say the story is too unbelievable to ever actually happen. But it did...”

Moveable Fest: "I Am Not Alone, the thrilling result of Hovannisian’s quick thinking...stirs passion no matter where you are in the world. [The film] finds clarity in the chaos of how to motivate people to take action in a time when it’s so easy to become cynical about government affairs."

In The Seats: "Some documentaries play like excellent history books, unfolding in a gripping flow of twists and turns for those unaware of the events...I Am Not Alone is one such documentary, offering a fast-paced account of the 2018 Armenian Revolution."

The Film Stage: "The available footage is great...The decision to give the opposition a voice so they can offer hindsight is one of the film's strongest traits."

Billboard Magazine: "The film [has] relevance to U.S. audiences in that it shows the power of the people to affect change -- significant change.

Cinema-Scope: "A fascinating look at the contemporary structure of power and protest."

The Hollywood Times:  “I Am Not Alone is more than just a documentary, but a riveting journey inside the revolution as it occurred from an on-the-ground perspective.”


Unseen Films: "A nail biting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat as events twist and turn in ways that are completely unexpected...The truly amazing thing about this film, and which lifts it up to the realm of truly great, is the fact that the filmmakers don’t just interview Nikol Pashinyan, but also former strong man Serzh Sargsyan, as well as the chief of police who sought to end the protests plus many others on all sides. This is a well balanced film where everyone gets to tell their story and we are so much better for it. The result is a stunning film that will make you shout and perhaps even shed a tear." 

Sopamodu: “It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the momentum pictured in the film and the need for the documentary’s broad circulation...“I Am Not Alone” is a film to watch. An invigorating, thoughtful, and masterfully arranged portrait of a man and the movement around him."